Ongoing and Forthcoming Events

13-17 May 2024: Rediscovering the Role of Indian Knowledge System in Scientific Research 

21-22 March 2024: Quality Assurance in Indian Higher Education Institutions in North-East India 

20-21 March 2024: HACKDAYS 2.0

04-05 April 2024: Seminar cum Conference: Implementation Strategies of NEP 2020: Exploring the Best Practices 

01-07 Mar 2024: Hands on Training on RNA-Seq Data Analysis 

20-26 Feb 2024: Workshop on Molecular Approaches to Assess Toxicity and Stress in Biological Samples 

19-23 Feb 2024: Advanced Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Program on Entrepreneurship Promotion in the area of Waste Management

06 Feb 2024: First Professor Dhruva Kumar Jha Memorial Lecture 

03-12 Jan 2024: 38th Asian Waterbird Count (AWC) & 58th International Waterbird Count (IWC) 2024

23 NOV 2023: Understanding the Host-Pathogen Dynamics: Rice-Xoo Pathosystem

12 OCT 2023: An Hour with Rachna Nath

02 Oct 2023: Melodious Reverie 

14 Aug 2023: Partition and India’s North-east: Human Tragedies and Political Uncertainties

12 Aug 2023: Basic Biology to Biotechnology: Fascinating Future in Toxin Research 

24 July 2023:      Workshop on Critical Skills for Navigating Life 

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